Defining Your Risk

Life insurance is how we take care of our loved ones, but the greatest fear is that when we are older and weaker, we may forget to manage our insurance assets. We do the least to provide for our potential premiums “after a certain age.”

Control Your Future

The Variable Life Insurance Trust allows us to invest in trust accounts that will generate pre-tax revenues to pay our insurance premiums until we die.

You have the ability to self-direct portions of your capital account, so that your life insurance resources, the underlying assets from which you will pay your premiums for life, follow your directions and / or the directions of your beneficiaries for as long as you want your capital account managed on a concierge basis.

Together Is Better

Your traditional insurance company offers insurance to best suit the needs of the brokers and the carriers.

As a group of potential “insureds”, we are the advocates for our own group, maximizing the strength and knowledge of the insured as a group to engage brokers and carriers.

Our insureds are our shareholders, and we aim to keep our insured-shareholders happy.

Do It Your Way

You also have complicated risks, which commercial insurance companies avoid as much as possible.

Stop loss on investment.

Define and mitigate risks in only the way the professionals such as you are capable of understanding.

“When it comes to risk, do it your way”.