Are You Covered?

When it comes to risk, do it your way and let us protect you.

Pension Plans

Retirement plans don’t need to be complicated. Private pensions offer the same tax-advantages as 401(k) plans, have more legal protections and are inheritable by a surviving spouse or children.

Private Placement Life Insurance

PPLI is a form of life insurance that has cash value linked to the performance of one or multiple investment accounts within the policy. PPLI is designed to be compliant with the US Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and offers a flexible approach to investments. This is very powerful because the value of the policy will grow tax free and upon death the cash value passes to heirs tax free.


  • Tax free or tax deferred growth of internal cash value.
  • Tax free or tax deferred payment of death benefit.
  • No capital gains taxes.
  • No income taxes.
  • Ability to access Cash Value through tax free loans.
  • Ability to manage or mitigate estate taxes.
  • PPLI adds asset protection and confidentiality.